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The privacy of all visitors and readers of is crucial and hence we follow a strict measure to protect the privacy and deliver optimal security of information shared with us. In a bid to provide the customers with better privacy here are the complete details about privacy policy. All the sources of online information and the choices we have made are mentioned below. We will let you know the way we follow to collect data.

Information Collect at

Being the best health supplement website, we encourage our visitors and readers to vote us, express their views and even to place the order for health supplements. Visitors are also allowed to subscribe to our services and participate in all activities like newsletter, online forum and communities. We also collect personally identified information on our website like credit card information, name, address, fax number, phone number, and e-mail address. You will also find details about your favorite health supplements, services, and programs on our website.

While browsing or accessing information on you are likely to share information about people also. For example, you may require providing the email of other person or their phone number. If you want to gift the supplement to others, then, in that case, you would require providing their details while placing an order at our website. Some of the other identified information that we may collect include the recipient name, address, phone number, and their email address. It is the terms of our website that only personally identified person can request and place an order on the website. Other activities which identified person to perform include services and programs. also collects some of the other non-personal identity data like the type of browser that you are using, what are the domains of the internet you are using and the type of operating system that you are using to browse our website.

How Information is Used?

The information collected from the users are used by in different forms. The website fulfills the request for any programs or services when the identified users respond to the products, queries or offer for products in which you are interested. The information is collected in a bid to communicate with the users efficiently. It is also used to send a newsletter to users whenever any new product is launched or when you have won one of the contests. The prime focus behind all these things is to fulfill the request that you have placed. The website may also contact you regarding the same to update you about new launches and products and also about the programs.

Users may also use our website to submit content for publications and the website is eager to publish relevant content in the name of the publisher. The information that is collected is in connected online to the content. It may also be connected to communities so to give the communities with interactive experiences.

For any lawful process, the details may be disclosed to the third party. The information is only disclosed at the request of the law enforcement agencies and not to any unauthorized third party. The contractors and agents of supplement who have access to all sorts of information are always coherent to the privacy notice.

All possible measures are followed by the website to provide protection to the information. The website also follows a measure to collect information from 3rd party websites and other sponsors of the websites and their information collection practices are different from for which the website is not liable in any means. It is requested the visitors must read the privacy policy of the website prior to accessing its information.


In a bid to be in touch with visitors of the website do uses cookies. Cookies are the kind of text files which are placed into the user’s computer so that the website can store the preferences of the users. Cookies won’t tell the users about personal details of the users like email, phone number, address, and others. The cookies are only used to understand the usages of the sites so as to improvise the day to day activities. The cookies are also used to provide you with products and services and programs as per your preferences.

Dedication Towards Security!

All electronic, physical and other types of procedures are followed so as to protect the data collected on our website and it provides optimal security of the data from unauthorized access of the third party. We are highly dedicated to correct usages of the information collected and maintaining data security.